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5 Essentials for Planning Your Wedding

Start a wedding folder The key to any successful project is organization. Start a binder with your favorite clips from magazines and any other inspiration that you can easily take with you to all of your event planning meetings. Figure out your budget Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your wedding and distribute […]


How to make your Wedding Fun & Memorable!!

He asked, You said Yes, and now This is your special day! You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a kid and it has to be perfect. So, what’s the key to making your wedding fun and memorable? Planning. Proper planning will ensure that everything runs smoothly and goes according to your vision […]


Atlanta's Most Popular Wedding Photographers - 2015

Week after week Exquisite Sounds Entertainment teams up with some truly amazing vendors to bring those special moments to life. It wouldn’t be complete without capturing it all on right? Needless to say just as important as the DJ, Lighting or Photobooth, your Photographer is HUGE part of your day. Just to help out, we’re […]


Most Popular 1st Dance Songs of 2015

Year after year, we’re fortunate to do ALOT of Weddings, but let’s face it, we LOVE’em!! One of the special moments that just touches us right there is the 1st Dance. There’s not another moment in the night that’s as special as the first time you dance with your soulmate in front of all your […]


Adding a Photobooth to the Party is ALWAYS a Good Idea! - Overhead Door Employee Appreciation Gala - Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

              Corporate parties can either be really Great or really Bad, but no matter what, its always a good time to round up the employees and show some appreciation and Thanks for another years hard work. One of our first events of this year was just that as we […]


2015 - Couples Choice Award - Exquisite Sounds Entertainment

It seems we’ve done it again, and for the 3rd Year in a Row!!!!! We’re so excited to have been selected as a Wedding Wire “Couples Choice” award winner for 2015! 2014 was a great year for Exquisite Sounds Entertainment and we had a great time entertaining all over the city of Atlanta with some […]


Back for more! And they brought Cows!!! - Gwinnett Cancer Survivors Celebration!

Giving back is definitely something we like to be apart of here at Exquisite Sounds Entertainment. When we got the call from Jennifer with Gwinnett Medical to be apart of their annual Cancer Survivors Celebration again, we were more than delighted. This year, definitely didn’t disappoint either. We all had a great time with a […]


How do you tie that Bow Tie????

We hear it what, like every weekend….it’s either “You look too young to know how to tie that Bow Tie” or it’s “Hey man, how do you tie a Bow Tie”? Always funny and entertaining either way, but I remember watching my Dad and being amazed, like “how did he do that”, and my dad […]


Top Questions to Ask your DJ!!!

                  Top Questions to Ask your DJ: Weddings are one of the most special days of your lives. It’s a day where it is completely about you the couple and your families. There are so many details, so many things to ask and think about and so […]