Lunch, Learn and Party at the Signature CEO








WOW..where has the time gone?? It seems like only months ago we were just jumping on the road headed to the Washington, DC to attend the Signature CEO conference…. And Why you ask? Let’s take a look…

So being an Entertainment company isn’t just about spinning records and making people dance, it’s about creating memories from start to finish. From the time clients visit our Website, search our Social or even watch our Video Recaps on YouTube…it’s all about the overall experience. There’s no better way to make this happen then investing in continued Education. 

The Signature CEO conference is put on in the Washington, DC area and it’s open to Wedding Professionals from throughout the US, although many of the attendees were from the Greater DC area. We went to pick up a few tips and tricks to making ESE a little bit better, day by day , & we were also onboard to provide the soundtrack for the annual Gala that’s held on the 2nd night of the conference. During the conference we got a chance to talk about new engagement technics, trends for 2019 and 2020 and even discussed topics like expansion and providing stellar client care. 

Recapping our time, we’d have to say that we were able to take away quite a few things that we know we could use here at Exquisite Sounds and we’ve even implemented some right away, all in that effort to make the client experience, that much better. As we always say, it isn’t just about spinning records and flashing lights! 

– written by DJ Toryn L for Exquisite Sounds Ent