The Process

At Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, all the planning starts months in advance

You can trust that all the small details are important to us, and we want to take the time to capture those points so your event, party, or celebration is a reflection of you and your guests. Our initial meeting is a time for us to connect, learn more about you, your event and share details about Exquisite Sounds. Our collaborative approach helps us to learn what’s important to you and understand the vision of your event while exploring the best talent and options we have available.

Once we’ve gotten a chance to know each other, we’ll understand your entertainment goals and you’ll understand why our service continually exceeds expectations.

Once you lock in your date with us, the talent will be assigned to your event. We’ll discuss next steps and set you up with our planning tools to help you organize your ideas, music selections and other aspects of your event.

One of the first things we’re going to do is get our planning app into your hands, and it is an amazing resource! It’s going to allow you to spread out your planning over the next couple months so that you’re not cramming all of the details on the back end once we get a little closer to the day. Say one day a friend mentions a song you forgot you loved. Just take out your phone and add it to the app. Think of an idea that will be important to your mom, just add it to the app. Once we sit down again, it will all be there.

Once you secure the date and event with us, our team goes to work! After Onboarding and Talent assignment, it’s time to start the planning process. Our Online, and App Based set of planning tools will be available to help you organize your ideas, music selections and other important aspects of your event.

With our amazing set of planning tools in your hands, you are able to spread out your planning over the next couple of months rather than waiting until the end or too close to your event. In addition to that, at all times, you have access to the information you need.

When it comes to event information, payments or communications, our Online Portal is a click away. Looking for information about your event, need a copy of your Contract, or want to see what time we’re set to arrive? Just check our Online Portal… No need for guessing.

Music planning and Day of Details… It doesn’t get any better than using our exclusive ESE Planning App. Looking to invite a friend, co-worker or guest to help select music, it’s ok, our App can help. Need to add or remove events to the timeline, our ESE App is right in your hands. You can even send messages, search for Playlist ideas and connect with our team right from the App as we move toward event day!

Several weeks out, you and your event host will go over the music, all the fun stuff and enhancements. We’ll plan the logistics as it applies to your venue. We’ll unpack all of the details that you put into the app and go over pretty granular things such as name pronunciations and how the day will unfold. The week of the wedding we will have a final check in call to reconfirm all of the details.

Then all you will have to do is show up, get married and have a really great time!

The final piece in making an amazing event come to life, happens weeks before. Our Event Team (DJ | Host) will meet with you and discuss Logistics, Times, and all the information you put into our Planning app. We’ll unpack all the details and even go over pretty granular things like name pronunciations, the overall timeline and key moments. And last but not least, we’ll dive into the music details, the Party, any playlists, requests, and give you insight into just how we’re going to bring your Event to Life!!

“I had the privilege of being able to hire and work with DJ Toryn and his staff for our wedding. I can’t say enough about the entire experience he provided for our special day. No matter what obstacle was thrown his way he made sure to provide solutions and their team delivered a flawless experience for our big day.” JOEL H.