Real Wedding With Andrea & Sylvester – W Midtown

Weddings at the W-Midtown always have certain “Energy” to them…not sure if its the fact that the Ballroom is literally in the sky or if something the hotel is pumping in thru the HVAC system, but whatever it definitely added to the night for Andrea & Sylvester!

When we received the initial call from these two, they only request that they had, was that we help them to have a great time and that was it! Literally! Nothing more, nothing less…no pressure there, right!

Well it was definitely a night to remember. With Friends and family around we helped these two with Ceremony on the 1st Floor, Cocktail Music on the Terrace Level and then finally, the Reception on the 27th Floor in Altitude (that’s the name of the Ballroom there at the W-Midtown). For the Reception, we provided DJ Toryn L for Entertainment with DJ setup to include a touch of Uplighting and an Advanced Dance Lighting package with Multiple Moving Heads for the Party!!!

With Dinner barley underway, we had the room full of energy with guests on the dancefloor from the start to the end. We literally had to move people OFF the Dancefloor for Speeches and Toasts…it was amazing! Definitely worth everything we put into it and Andrea and Sylvester…EXTREMELY happy with the outcome! Nothing but Great times!!


Blog Written by : Toryn L.

Photos courtesy of : Peter Togel Photography