A night to remember…Exquisite Sounds Ent hosts The Allies!!!

Talk about opportunity knocking right at your front door…well that’s what happened with the 29th Allies this past year when we were asked to be apart of the show. The Allies for those that don’t know is equivalent to the Oscars for those in the Atlanta Events Industry. With coverage ranging from Corporate Events, Weddings and very much so social, it looks to highlight and celebrate all those that make these celebrations happen. 

The Allies is always a pretty grand affair, bringing in all the highly celebrated planners, companies and resources that we have here in the City, so being apart of the show was definitely not only an honor, but a really big deal. To make things even better, not only were we going to the show….our very own..yours truly would be hosting the 29th Annual Allies!! That’s right…Live and In Person! 

Looking back I can tell you that there aren’t very many productions to the scale as the Allies that take place. The setup, planning, execution and just the night itself, are something to behold. In the room you had celebrity planners, hotel management, and so many of the movers and shakers of the industry, it was great! As the host I got a chance to interact with all aspects of the night, recognizing everyone who put in their hard work and time. I provided all the hosting and Emceeing thruout the night that eventually lead to the afterparty experience that included Live DJ, new Photobooth experiences and LED dancefloor all provided by some of the top companies here in Atlanta. 

All in all..I’d have to say that hosting the Allies was definitely a welcomed experience…to give you a little glimpse into things, here are a couple pictures to take a look at and enjoy!