Rachelle & Vinny’s SC Wedding | Real Weddings with ESE

Rachelle and Vinny’s Greenville Wedding was definitely one to talk about. From the time we had our initial conversation, it was known that they wanted to have a GREAT night and music was definitely important. With so many friends, and family coming from around the country to South Carolina, they wanted to make sure that everybody had something that suited them. Vinny’s family was mainly from abroad while Rachelle’s family was from the South Carolina area as well as Haiti. They both had met in Greenville and had a host of friends and family coming in for the celebration and we’ll be honest, we couldn’t wait!

Fast forward to Wedding day, thru the preparation, phone calls, texts and conversations about the planning process and the day was finally here. We hit the road to Greenville for the reception, which was held at “The L” at Larkins Catering & Events where we were all set for the night. In addition to providing the music, we were also on hand to provide uplighting around the room in addition to a custom Gobo that we had created for Rachelle & Vinny as a nice addition to the room.

From the start of cocktail hour you honestly could feel the excitement. You could tell that this crowd really came to celebrate with these two and the lines at both bars were packed and guests were evening dancing to Cocktail music. Once the reception started, with introductions, it was on from that point! The environment really was electric and the dance-floor stayed packed the entire night, even halfway thru dinner guests were on the dance-floor as we moved from Motown, to Hindu, to Hip Hop to some Southern Rock Classics!

The pictures don’t really do it justice but this was one SERIOUS party! Check out a few of the snaps just to see what a great night we had!!!