Let’s Party – An ESE Wedding Celebration Playlist

It’s a Party…It’s a Party…. Or at least that how it usually goes, right! Well, no party can be complete without a soundtrack and one of the MOST common things we’re asked about is….what’s a good example of what a Reception Soundtrack should sound like? The short answer is there really isn’t a “Set” sound. It all depends on where you’re from, what you and your fiance’ like, what your families like, where are your parents from and so on and so on…One thing is for sure though, it should contain all those elements of something old and something new. Weddings are about “Classics” and “Hits”…sure remixes, B sides and mashups can be used, but it’s all about how and when! Before you get there though, take a look thru some of our classics on our Celebration Playlist and find out if there are a few things you’d like to your own event….

Blog written by DJ Toryn L of Exquisite Sounds Ent