Why a Photobooth at Your Wedding or Event is STILL a Good Idea!

The past few years have seen Photobooth at events go from all the rage to invoking the worst frown you could ever imagine! With all that in mind, we’ve managed to ride the wave and honestly, have really enjoyed seeing new features and integrations with Social Media come into the space and really make having a Photobooth at your event something standard. Why you ask…well let’s take a look at a few reasons why Photobooth are STILL a good idea for your special day or event:

Lots of Fun – The reality is that you as the host or Bride and Groom can’t be everywhere at once, so give you guests an opportunity to connect and have some fun with each other by using a Photobooth to draw different groups of people together.

Memories  – A small portion of our previous point, but you can’t be everywhere, but having photos to look back on gives you a chance to see how much fun people had at the event or Wedding that you worked on! Take some credit and take a look back thru your amazing results.

Loosen up the Party – Photobooth provide a great way to loosen up the crowd. Couples, cousins, co-workers and other invitees get a chance to mix and mingle with one another and have a great time doing it!

Great for Candids – Posed shots are great, but nothing tells a story or mood like the candids and that’s EXACTLY what a Photobooth shows, Candid moments..just think of all the good laughs you’ll have looking back thru those pics!

Fun for everybody – No matter if it’s just photos or if you have a photobooth that combines multiple features like Social Media, Boomerangs, Videos or even GIFs, the PB can be a totally fun experience for everyone at your event. Combine that with the relatively low cost and you’ve given joy to your guests and made your event even more memorable while doing it!


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