Things Your DJ Wishes You Knew…

On your wedding day, entertainment is put into the hands of your DJ and your DJ only. Leading up to your big day, your DJ works hard to ensure that they provide you and all of your guest’s excellent service and entertainment for the entire. However, sometimes we don’t always know what goes on behind all of the wedding glitz and glam. Behind the scenes, DJ’s work long days, ensuring that a couple’s expectations are met while also keeping guests happy as well. Keep in mind that a DJ’s job is just like any other jobs, it has highs and lows at times. It is easy overlook and underestimate all the work that goes into bringing your wedding day to life. So here are few things that your wedding DJ wishes you knew!

1. Your DJ works long hours too

On average couples spend about 14 months being engaged, often planning their wedding day a year in advance. When you hire your DJ, you may think that the only thing he has to do is just show up the day of. However, your DJ spends just as much time preparing for your big day just as much as you do. The DJ, is the only one responsible for all of your entertainment for the night. It is not only important to you, but also just as important to them that they execute every detail well. Don’t forget that high quality services are only a result of much preparation and long days.

2. Every single song requested may not be played throughout the entire night

Sometimes couples may create a list of 30-50 songs expecting that every single song be played on their wedding day. The truth is, when you create a music list for a DJ it is meant to guide them on your personal music taste and style. It is not meant to be a strict playlist that he or she must abide by. A DJ’s job is to get a good feel and understanding for a couple and their guests. Throughout the night a DJ is constantly observing to see what the guests want more of, what will keep them up and moving. It may just be that some of your songs on your list go against what the vibe of the night is.

3. Your DJ does not work for you, they work with you 

It is important to understand that when it comes to putting together your entertainment for the night your DJ is just as much on your team as anybody else. They want the night to go smoothly, they have your best intentions, they want to see you happy! Often times however, couples do forget that they hired the DJ to ensure flawless execution. There is no need to question every thing they do or micro manage them while they are doing their job. Let the professionals, do what they came to do and trust that they will do it well!