The Biggest mistakes Brides make when Hiring a DJ…A DJs perspective

Hiring a DJ

Believe it or not, most Brides and their families have never been through the process of hiring a DJ before (We can’t believe it either)…not even for a party, social gathering or any other planned event. Without any prior experience or knowledge many find the process to find, vette and secure a DJ to be an eye opening and sometimes pretty taxing experience. Some Brides may rely on friends, co-workers, perhaps even a planner, but we’ve found that some do or start the groundwork themselves, which is great!! However, once they dive in their still left with a few questions that leave them lost and looking for even MORE help!! If this is you, here are a few points to check and consider when looking for your DJ for your Wedding or event:

1.Hiring an amateur or less than experienced DJ for your Wedding –  Every wedding isn’t the same and if you’re meeting with a DJ that may suggest this, then you are already making a mistake. There may be similarities, maybe the same venue, same time of year or even the same Dinner options, but your crowd, your musical “wish list” and most importantly YOU are not the same as the last wedding. Additionally your DJ should be experienced enough to understand how to handle certain situations that may or may not come up. Do they have another “go to” set, do they have “clean / edit” music, are they prepared for all the Special moments that you’ve planned on? If you don’t know, and they haven’t reassured you, that could be a warning sign. Your DJ should be skilled, experienced and professional enough to curate your evening around you, your special moments and most importantly your friends and family.

2.Not talking to your DJ to discuss your Event – The DJ / MC for your evening will be one of the main focal points throughout the evening in addition to the Bride and Groom. Most DJ’s and MC’s are key in making announcements, coordinating moments with other vendors and most importantly getting your Dancefloor packed, so why would you not have conversations about what to expect, when special moments will happen, and how can you all work or plan to provide an amazing evening for your guests? Communication with your DJ, whether it be email, text, phone, or in person (even better) is key. This helps you (Bride / Groom) to express what you’re looking for your reception and the expectations you have for your guests as well.

3.Not hiring a DJ that Team Player – We know, it sounds corny, but it’s true! With so many moving pieces and so much to accomplish in a 4, 5 or even 6 hour Ceremony and Reception it’s important that the DJ you hire be a Team player. Your Wedding Vendors all rely on one another to help make an amazing night for you, your fiance’ and your friends. Should the Kitchen run behind, Photographer to need another shot or perhaps to start a song over, it all must fit together. Equally as important, you vendors should be able to support and work alongside each other to help support the main cause : YOU!! These are just a few of the mishaps that we’ve been seen or heard about. Remember you can always call us here at Exquisite Sounds Entertainment for more details or to discuss your Big Day! Let’s see how we can keep you from making some of these same Bridal mistakes!!