5 Ways an Amateur DJ Could Ruin Your Wedding…

Often times brides and grooms want to cut down the budget of their wedding by hiring family members and using inexperienced “professionals” to be apart of their big day. Now that could be a very big mistake when dealing with entertainment at your event. The whole party revolves around how well a bride and groom can entertainment their guests. A DJ is the main highlight of the entertainment, so why cut corners? I’ll tell you how cutting corners when hiring a DJ could be a buzz kill on the entire night!

1. The flow of the night revolves around how well your DJ can understand your guests

From the beginning of the ceremony, all the way until the end of the night your DJ must be able to get a feel for what your guests want. A professional DJ knows how to understand and read your guests in a way that keeps the party alive. It is important for a DJ to be able to know when to adjust the mood of the night at the right moment. An unprofessional could easily lack the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to keep your guests moving the entire night.

2. An inexperienced DJ will not be equipped for technological mishaps

Professional DJ’s understand that often times at weddings things go wrong. Equipment may stop working, microphones go out, and outlets may not be working. However, the way your DJ is able to handle each and every situation thrown at them shows that not only their level of professionalism but also their level of experience. It is important on your big day that you don’t allow an amateur DJ’s lack of preparation to ruin your entire night. A professional DJ will always ensure that he has back-up equipment, microphones, wires, etc.

3. An amateur DJ will not have the same amount of passion as a professional

The most obvious reason to hire a professional DJ and not an amateur is because of overall passion. People who do things just simply “for fun” typically do not have the love and dedication to their craft. A professional DJ is running a business just like any other type of business. They have a responsibility to themselves to ensure that their company produces high quality entertainment at all costs. A DJ who gives his, money, time, and heart into what he does is definitely a DJ you want at your wedding!

4. The DJ must know how events work

Often times you can tell if a DJ is an amateur or not based off how the flow of the night goes. DJ’s have a certain responsibility to ensure that they are communicating with guests about how to transition throughout the entire night. From ceremony to cocktail, from cocktail to reception, and even from the reception to a grand exit. The DJ must have past experience working weddings for him to understand the best way to communicate and transition guests.

5. DJ’s who charge less typically do not invest as much into their equipment

It is very important to understand that the amount of money a professional is willing to put into their equipment correlates to the outcome of his or her business. A DJ who doesn’t invest their money into technology and equipment that is of high quality will have a business that doesn’t produce high quality entertainment. Don’t let your DJ ruin your wedding night by allowing him to use the same kind of equipment and speakers that you have at your own house!