Meet the Team

Toryn – DJ & MC


What’s on your Playlist? I’m listening to everything from Maroon 5, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and even some oldies like Marvin Gaye and The Temptations.

Best DJ Moments: My best DJ moments are when the floor is packed with energy and folks are really into the music and having a great time and the look on peoples faces when you play their favorite song, or you take them back down memory lane with a classic that they hadn’t heard in a while.

About Toryn: I’m an Atlanta native, who grew up in Woodstock during the mid 90’s. With that being said I love all types of music and enjoy DJ’n for all types of crowds. I love to see people on a dance floor coming together and having a good time. It’s always great to see people request everything from Country to Hip Hop to Top 40 to Classic Rock and be able to blend those sounds together to give them the night of their lives!!! As the owner of Exquisite Sounds Entertainment, my one goal to deliver the BEST Entertainment to your event, no matter if it’s purpose, our goal is to give our clients the most Exquisite experience possible!

Rob – DJ

ROB - Resize - IMG_1635

What’s on your Playlist? It’s always changing…but this week it’s Deadmau5, Skrillex & The Roots…I listen to just about Everything!!

Best DJ Moments: When the dance floor first gets packed is by far my most favorite music. That look on the faces of the crowd as they start stepping onto the floor and they’re saying “he’s playing my song” and they look up at the booth and give me that grin.

About Robert: Originally from Central Florida, I grew up listening to all sorts of music. I first began DJ’n in the military and later continued in college. I DJ’d for our local campus parties and later after moving to Atlanta, began working the Bar/Club scene here, before eventually working my way into more Corporate events, Weddings and Private parties. I love to see that moment when a Bride & Groom start to really celebrate or when that CEO gets on the floor and starts partying with their employee’s and the “I didn’t know he had it” look the employee’s always get!!

JayBee – DJ

JB - Resize - rsz__jpc3008

What’s on your Playlist? Stevie Wonder, Future, Bruno Mars, & The BeeGee’s (That’s right I said !!)

Best DJ Moments: I was once DJ’n a large Wedding, with a HUGE Wedding party, about 26 people total, well half way thru the evening they all broke out into a full fledged synchronized dance. It was completely AWESOME and everybody loved it. It took the reception to a new level for the rest of the evening.

About JayBee: I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga!!. I began DJ’n after High School and have loved it every since. I love DJ’n parties, corporate events and Weddings especially. I believe in playing nothing but the hits, and getting everyone from Grandma to your neighbors on the floor. It’s all about having a great time and having my crowds leave with an unforgettable feeling.

Troy – DJ & MC

DJ Troy

What’s on your Playlist? Anderson Paak, Disclosure, Glass Animals, Hot Chip, Tribe Called Quest, The Beastie Boys, Blondie, Depeche Mode, Underworld & The Clash!

Best Moments with Exquisite Sounds Ent: The thign that I really find fun is leaving an event or Wedding and thinking back to that one moment when the dance floor went crazy! I like thinking about what song or mix of songs pushed them over the edge. I love seeing what really makes everyone dance and come together at once, those are the best moments…

About Troy: I grew up listening to everything from Punk to Ska to Hip-Hop & Reggae. I’m also a drummer as well as a DJ, in addition to being and Atlanta native. In college I minored in music and I’m lucky to have friends that love music as much or more than I do. When I’m DJing a Wedding or Corporate event, it’s always great to see everyone having an amazing time. I love helping people to create TRULY fun and unique Weddings & events. It’s pretty rewarding to look back over the last 10 years and think of all the wonderful couples I’ve celebrated with!!

Julia – Entertainment Specialist

What’s on your Ipod? 90’s Music, Classic Rock, R&B, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Adele & LMFAO. Oh and I love 80’s Music too!!!

Best Moments with Exquisite Sounds Ent: When people come up to us and tell us how much fun they’ve had and that they couldn’t leave the dance floor. I also love assisting the Wedding Planners or Brides at the Weddings I attend with the team.

About Julia: Believe it or not I’m originally from Athens, Ga. Go Dawgs!!!! I’m actually married to Toryn (pray for me…lol) But I love being involved with peoples special events. No matter if it’s Non Profit events, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Corporate Events, I really just love it all. I also feel really good when one of our DJ’s comes and tells us what a great job they did and what a great time people had at their event.